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Can I get free childcare?What is the Nursery Education Grant (NEG)?I am 'really' nervous about leaving my child at nursery - what advice can you give?What if my child won't settle?What is a pre-start visit?My child has asthma, is this a problem?What is a 2 Year Old Funding (2YOF)?You are a registered Nursery - what does this mean? Are your staff qualified and checked for suitability?Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?If my child is unwell are they allowed to attend?If my child is unwell are they allowed to attend?What age do you take children from and to?What hours are you open?What is a nursery session and why is it important?What happens if my child feels unwell while at nursery?What do you mean by Special Needs?Can you give medication?Can you give medication?What is a keyworker or key-person?Do you provide meals?Do you provide nappies?How do you deal with biting? Is the nursery secure?What happens if my child bites another child?How do I find out about how my child is doing at Leapfrog?What is the Nursery curriculum?What is the EYFS?What is a Learning Journey?What is a Learning Journey?How do I find out about special events or occasions at Leapfrog?Do I need to book hours all year round?My child has allergies and/or a food intolerance - is this a problem?My child has asthma - is this a problem?Who are OFSTED?Can I change my hours, swap or occasionally have extra hours? How much notice do I need to give to change my child's hours?What is the daily routine and why is it important?What is High/Scope?What are the child to staff ratio's?What are your fees ?Why choose Leapfrog?Do you organise trips and outings?Do you offer any parent workshops or courses?What happens if my child is bitten by another child?Do children go outdoors to play?Is your Enrolment Fee a deposit and hence refundable?How do you deal with conflicts?Do I need to book an enquiry visit or can I just turn up?My child is potty training - how does this work?Can you give Calpol?What does OFSTED say about Leapfrog?What's new at Leapfrog and what are the plans for the future?What happens if my child injures another child?What happens if my child has a potty accident?What happens when my child moves room?Do you offer sibling discounts?Can parents get involved in the nursery?How do parents engage with nursery and with their child’s learning?How do I pay for my fees?I would like a place - what happens next?Can I drop off my buggy and/or car seat when I drop off for my child's session?If I am unhappy with something how do I make a complaint?What happens if my child is injured by another child?Do I pay for Bank Holidays?