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How do parents engage with nursery and with their child’s learning?

Parents can engage with the Nursery through the following sessions:

  • Stay & Plays 
  • Pre-Start Visits
  • Celebratory Events (e.g. Birthdays , Eid, Christmas)
  • Charity Events (e.g. Toddle, Children In Need)
  • Pre-school Leavers Parties
  • Annual Multicultural Event jointly organised with Southsea and Brambles Children’s Centre
  • Parent Led Cultural Sharing Event

Parents are invited to engage in their child’s learning through the following:

  • Parent Dayswe hold parent days to provide an opportunity for parents and staff to exchange information about their child. Parents of every child new to the Nursery will be invited to attend a Parent Day during their first term, then periodically as they transition throughout the Nursery.  At these Parents Days staff and parents can discuss their child’s development including their Two Year Old progress check and their Pre-School Transfer Record. Additionally, parents are encouraged to make use of our Open Door policy enabling them to discuss and share any suggestions or concerns.
  • Experience a session @ Leapfrog
  • Parent High/Scope Workshop
  • Open Door policy