Encouraging healthy behaviours for life

Recognising that dietary preferences and eating habits are influenced largely by habits formed in early life we ensure that every child at Leapfrog Neighbourhood Nursery enjoys healthy, nutritious food all day long.

Alongside breakfast, tea and twice daily snacks, your children benefit from a well balanced and varied two course lunch provided by ‘Hungry Monsters’ our specialist nursery catering supplier. Based on recommendations from the Carolyn Walker Trust, carefully
co-ordinated menus provide the appropriate nutritional value for growing children as well as offering a broad palette of flavours to stimulate their growing tastes.

Breakfast: Usually toast, cereal and fresh fruit
Morning Snack: A snack of fresh fruit/veg
Lunch: A hot meal followed by cheese and biscuits, fresh fruit or a healthy pud!
Afternoon Snack: Carbohydrate, fruit & veg platter
Tea Time: A light tea of carbrohydrate, ham, cheese, salad, veg sticks, fruit
(wraps or bagels, baked beans on toast, pasta and sauce)

Enjoy a taster with our Spring/Summer
Bon Appetit!

*commences Monday March 18th, Menu A

Safety always comes first with little ones and that applies to food as much as anything else. That’s why we have chosen a local supplier with the highest food rating of 5 and all our kitchen staff and most of our staff all hold a level 3 food handling certification. We also cater for children’s specific dietary needs including allergies or food intolerances ensuring all children leave the table full and nourished ready to actively enjoy the rest of their day.

Meals are an important, fun and social part of our routine. Children sit together and are encouraged to try new foods and eat the meals provided as they watch their peers doing the same. Older children use cutlery, serve themselves from serving dishes and scrape their own plates clean when they have finished.

We are also delighted to be able to provide the fantastic opportunity for children to learn first hand about where their food comes from as they plant, grow, harvest, prepare and devour fresh produce from our nursery allotments. Food doesn’t get much more local than that!

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